Custom Comfort  Winndom™ Mattresses

Reid's Fine Furnishings is proud to supply handmade mattresses by Winndom, manufactured right in Hopewell, VA. As a family-owned company, Winndom creates premium quality mattresses made of 100% American materials. For years we've trusted Winndom's Custom Comfort mattresses for superior detail, quality, and locally-sourced materials. 

Custom Comfort Mattress by Winndom

Upgrade Your Sleep With Our Premium Mattresses

A piece of furniture that you use every day of your life is worth your investment – especially when it greatly impacts your quality of life. As passionate suppliers of high quality furniture, Reid's Fine Furnishings carries bench-made mattresses from Winndom, a Virginia-based company, which you can try for yourself right in our Roanoke showroom

Several of our staff members own one or more mattresses from Winndom, so we can recommend these beds personally. From the foam and fiber, to the box springs and frames, Winndom Mattresses exceed quality standards in the industry. Your mattress should stand the test of time and comfortably support your body all night.  With several firmness and size options, we can find a perfect mattress for everyone in your family. 

Make your dreams for a better night's sleep a reality. Come visit our Roanoke showroom and test out our mattresses today! 

Winndom Mattresses at Reid's Fine Furnishings