Lia Melder

Interior Designer

Lia Melder, interior designer for Reid’s Fine Furnishings, possesses an expertise for interior design that stems from her keen observation of every detail in a room. Understanding that lighting, layout, and colors all play a key role in design, Lia knows how to utilize these elements to bring her customer’s goals to life.

"People have a vision of what they want their home to look like, but don't always know how to make that vision a reality. A Designer can help bridge that gap and bring their ideas to life,” said Lia.

Prompted by a lifelong passion for design, Lia developed a knack for identifying the details that create a fully realized living space, motivating her to earn a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Interiors from Liberty University. Her initiative and enthusiasm compelled her to take a leadership role in the University’s student chapter of the Interior Design Society.

Customers who enjoy hand-crafted wood furniture will appreciate Lia’s passion for quality case goods and her familiarity with Stickley Furniture. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge of textile classifications and understands how of a variety of natural and synthetic fibers can transform an interior space. Lia’s input is ideal for anyone looking to capture a classic, yet modern look for their home or office.

“She has a different way of looking at things,” said Andrea Waide, owner of Reid’s. “We have a lot of design capability and it’s great to be creative with all of it.”

To meet with Lia or any of our interior design specialists, visit our contact us page and send us a message.

Image of Lia Melder, interior designer with Reid's furnishing.