Steve Parker

Interior Designer

When Reid’s Fine Furnishing customers in Roanoke meet with Interior Designer Steve Parker about changing the look of a room or office, they become as passionate about the process as Steve is.

That’s because Steve shares his enthusiasm for interior design with his clients as he transforms any room into an ideal living or working space. Time and time again, they’re astonished with results that are better than they imagined.

“Steve approaches every initiative with contagious enthusiasm and refreshing creativity!” said Amy Milberger of the Jefferson Center. “He identifies new and exciting opportunities with each project, which leads to amazing solutions that far exceed the original expectations.”

Steve has held a variety of positions in the retail and design industry, ranging from sales at Stark – a high-end floor covering store in Washington, D.C. – to a creative manager in Asheville. It’s these individual experiences that allow Steve to look at each part of a room and determine the best course of action to make a room look and feel its best.

He also collaborates with other experts.

“When I work with specialty service providers, I like to view the relationship as a partnership rather than someone simply providing targeted labor and materials for a specified end result,” Steve said. “When we embrace other talented folks on behalf of our clients, everyone wins.”

To meet with Steve or any of our interior design specialists, visit our contact us page and send us a message.

Image of Steve Parker, interior designer with Reid's Furnishing.