Stressless Sky Mattress

The Nordic way of life is all about finding harmony with nature and promoting good health. The Stressless® Sky mattress is designed to provide a restful night’s sleep, and give you the energy to take on the day. Made in Norway with quality components, our dedication to quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail of the Stressless® Sky. Our goal is to provide a long-lasting and restful sleep experience for our customers.

Our modular system allows you to customize your comfort with layers of plush padding, foam and pockets springs, ensuring you get the support you need to start your day feeling refreshed.

Stressless Flora Sofa

Stressless® Flora boasts a timeless and traditional design with a soft look and a sumptuous seat and back. There is an elegant wood detail on the armrest, available in many different colours. Stressless® has mastered the science behind the sofa and cushion design to ensure the upholstery retains its neat and elegant shape. The cushions are contoured by French seams for a more precise look.

Stressless Emily Power Sectional

Stressless® Emily brings you sleek lines with a modern look. The contemporary design and soft, enveloping cushions are an invitation to sit down and relax. All seat modules come with an adjustable headrest and either a fixed seat-back or motorized adjustable leg support. Choose between slim or wide armrests, with steel or wood details.

Stressless Grey/Blue Sofa

Embracing comfort in a retro-modern look. The soft shape and inviting cushioning are what gives the Stressless Saga its mark. The armrests reach all the way down to the floor and the soft overlying duvet is pleasant to lean on or rest your head against.

Stressless Wing X Base Recliner

Defined by its excellent neck and lumbar support, and high back, this model features medium-soft padding, a bucket seat and modern styling. Great for a nap.

Stressless Max Recliners

Stressless® Max has state-of-the-art technology underneath the supple, voluminous shapes. Soft and calming rocking motions offer instant comfort as you sit down.

Stressless Magic Recliners

What makes this recliner so special, is the shape of the seat and back, which literally envelopes you and gives your body support in all the right places. Add to that its comfort zones and a thick pillow made from foam and fibers, and you have a recliner which provides the ultimate in relaxation.