3 Easy Ways to Transition Your Space for Autumn


Can you believe that autumn is already at our doorstep? Soon the temperatures will drop (hallelujah!) and it will be the time for pumpkins, cozy nights, and apple pie.

These final days of summer are the perfect time to start planning for how you want to style your space for the fall season. Check out these three quick and easy ways you can totally transform your space for autumn.

1. Swap your throw pillows for new ones that have warm, rich colors.

A quick and easy way to bring cozy, fall colors into your space is through throw pillows. When you’re shopping for pillows, look for warm, earthy colored fabrics. Finding pillows with other textures, like leather or faux fur, can also compliment an autumnal style.

Remove any bright and summery pillows from your space and replace them with your new cozy pillows — you’ll be surprised how much this one step will totally transform the style of your space. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect pillows, visit our showroom today! Our manufacturers have tons of fabrics and pillow sizes to choose from.

2. Use cozy throw blankets to accent chairs, sofas, and ottomans.

While you are out pillow shopping, be on the lookout for throw blankets that compliment your color palette. Accenting your upholstery with a couple of soft throw blankets adds texture and coziness to your space. Plus, they are an absolute necessity for chilly nights!

If you have leather furniture, blankets are particularly helpful for creating a sense of warmth and softness. As you wander through our showroom, you will notice a variety of throw blankets strategically placed on sofas and chairs — visit us today and see how this little trick adds coziness to any furniture setting.

3. Swap your current art and accessories for pieces that evoke autumnal subject matter and colors.

Look around your space and notice if you have any wall art or accessories with summery subject matter or colors. For example, you may have art depicting the ocean, or vases with bright floral patterns, which don’t lend themselves to an autumnal style. Pack these types of pieces away until spring and replace them with décor that depicts fall and winter subjects and colors.

When you are choosing pieces for your home, keep your fall color palette and your favorite seasonal subject matter in mind. Perhaps a wall canvas of an autumnal forest would be perfect for your space, or a decorative bowl that holds small pinecones and pumpkins. The options are endless!

If you find yourself overwhelmed with how to decorate your space, visit us today and speak with one of our designers. We will help you narrow down the best pieces for your home. Plus, we have tons of unique art and décor for your shopping pleasure.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare your home for the fall season. Transitioning spaces between seasons should be fun and refreshing — not stressful.

If you have questions or need assistance redecorating your space, visit us today and we will happily connect you with one of our professional designers.