3 Easy Ways to Transition Your Space for Autumn


Can you believe that autumn is already at our doorstep? Soon the temperatures will drop (hallelujah!) and it will be the time for pumpkins, cozy nights, and apple pie.

These final days of summer are the perfect time to start planning for how you want to style your space for the fall season. Check out these three quick and easy ways you can totally transform your space for autumn.

1. Swap your throw pillows for new ones that have warm, rich colors.

A quick and easy way to bring cozy, fall colors into your space is through throw pillows. When you’re shopping for pillows, look for warm, earthy colored fabrics. Finding pillows with other textures, like leather or faux fur, can also compliment an autumnal style.

Remove any bright and summery pillows from your space and replace them with your new cozy pillows — you’ll be surprised how much this one step will totally transform the style of your space. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect pillows, visit our showroom today! Our manufacturers have tons of fabrics and pillow sizes to choose from.

2. Use cozy throw blankets to accent chairs, sofas, and ottomans.

While you are out pillow shopping, be on the lookout for throw blankets that compliment your color palette. Accenting your upholstery with a couple of soft throw blankets adds texture and coziness to your space. Plus, they are an absolute necessity for chilly nights!

If you have leather furniture, blankets are particularly helpful for creating a sense of warmth and softness. As you wander through our showroom, you will notice a variety of throw blankets strategically placed on sofas and chairs — visit us today and see how this little trick adds coziness to any furniture setting.

3. Swap your current art and accessories for pieces that evoke autumnal subject matter and colors.

Look around your space and notice if you have any wall art or accessories with summery subject matter or colors. For example, you may have art depicting the ocean, or vases with bright floral patterns, which don’t lend themselves to an autumnal style. Pack these types of pieces away until spring and replace them with décor that depicts fall and winter subjects and colors.

When you are choosing pieces for your home, keep your fall color palette and your favorite seasonal subject matter in mind. Perhaps a wall canvas of an autumnal forest would be perfect for your space, or a decorative bowl that holds small pinecones and pumpkins. The options are endless!

If you find yourself overwhelmed with how to decorate your space, visit us today and speak with one of our designers. We will help you narrow down the best pieces for your home. Plus, we have tons of unique art and décor for your shopping pleasure.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare your home for the fall season. Transitioning spaces between seasons should be fun and refreshing — not stressful.

If you have questions or need assistance redecorating your space, visit us today and we will happily connect you with one of our professional designers.

3 Big Mistakes People Make When Furnishing Their Homes … and How to Fix Them!


Have you ever invested in furniture or accessories and felt instant regret once you saw them in your space? Maybe you thought that piece of art would look great with your other decor, but you get it home and they clash. Or you order a chair you found online, but once it’s in your room you realize it’s too big or too small.

Don’t worry — we are here to help! Here are three common mistakes we see and how to prevent them:

1. Buying the wrong size rug for the space.

It may seem like a small detail, but the size of your rug has a huge impact on the look of your space. When shopping without the help of a designer, most people end up buying a rug that is far too small. For example, they may place a rug in their living room but the only piece of furniture that fits on it is the coffee table, leaving the rest of the furniture floating on the bare floor. A rug that is too small makes the space look awkward and uncoordinated.

Instead, you want to be sure rugs are large enough for the entire furniture group to be grounded on top of it. For more information on how to select the right rug for your space, check out 4 Tips for Buying Living Room Rugs!

2. Choosing pieces and styles that don’t work together.

We’ve all done it … that wall hanging looks great in the store, but you get it home and you wonder what you were thinking! Our designers have been in a lot of homes, and they’ve seen their share of confused design styles and jumbled spaces … but we are here to help!

Many people approach shopping for their home without a plan or vision. They buy random pieces in a store, but they get home and things don’t look right. To avoid this mistake, we recommend deciding on a design style and color palette that you can use as a guide when shopping. Keeping your specific style in mind will help you narrow down what pieces, colors, and textures make the most sense for your space.

If you have a hard time defining your vision for your home, we recommend working with one of our highly skilled designers. We are happy to create a plan that fits exactly what you have in mind.

3. Forgetting to consider how the room needs to function and flow spatially. 

Furnishing a space can involve some tricky math and a lot of planning. Certain layouts for furniture and décor will make more sense than others depending on the dimensions and purpose of your room. We’ve seen a lot of homes that don’t have clear traffic patterns, lack organization, and layouts that don’t make the most of the space.

Before buying new furnishings, consider how you need the space to function. Where do you need to leave room for people to walk? How large should your sofa be in relation to the space it’s in? You want the room to feel organized — not crowded or impractical.

Before you get your tape measure out and start getting overwhelmed with the layout of your space, give us a call and we will connect you with one of our designers. We take the guesswork out of furnishing your home.

We hope this article helps you to avoid some of the common mistakes people make in their homes. If you need assistance with furnishing your space, or if you need help fixing one of the problems above, give us a call or visit our showroom today!

How to Achieve an Upscale Boho Style in Your Space


If you spend any amount of time in stores or online shopping, you’ve probably noticed the rise of “boho” design trends.

Boho, or bohemian, style is defined by its eclectic use of patterns and colors, natural elements, and casual feel. There are some misconceptions that this design style is unrefined and busy — and it certainly can be taken to those extremes. But what if we told you that you can create a boho space that still looks elegant and upscale? If you love the cozy feeling of the boho style, but you want to maintain a sense of tasteful restraint in your space, here are our top three tips.

Look for high-quality, solid wood and rattan furniture with natural finishes.

One of the foundational parts of the bohemian style is its celebration of nature. Solid wood, cotton, and other plant-based materials are perfect for furnishing boho spaces. We recommend incorporating solid wood furniture with natural stains and finishes for this style. Natural wood tones provide a lovely sense of warmth and create a neutral color palette that is flexible for accessories and decor.

When selecting furniture, make sure you are choosing quality pieces. Poorly made or cheap furniture will make your space look less refined, and it will also wear out much faster than quality furniture. If you need help finding pieces for your home, our store carries a wide variety of solid wood furniture that would pair wonderfully with the boho style!

We also recommend incorporating rattan furniture, which is a hallmark of the boho trend. Rattan is a natural material that can provide interesting texture in your space. If you are interested in incorporating rattan into your space, we have a beautiful selection of rattan accent chairs in our Roanoke showroom.

Incorporate colorful, hand-knotted rugs to add vibrancy to the space.

The boho style is all about mixing patterns, colors, and textures to create interest in the space. One of the ways this look is achieved is by incorporating vibrant area rugs. Many boho spaces will have multiple rugs that complement each other and ground the various furniture groups in the home. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we offer an assortment of colorful, hand-knotted rugs for you to choose from.

We recommend working with our design staff when selecting rugs to ensure that you get the appropriate size and color scheme for your space. Once you’ve selected your rugs, you can continue to accessorize your space by using the rug’s colors as a guide. This ensures that the space looks cohesive. 

Accessorize with an assortment of natural materials.

Accessorizing your space is probably the most important step for the boho style. We recommend decorating with a variety of pieces derived from nature. Accessories like house plants, ceramic and stone décor, and woven baskets can be great pieces for a boho look.

We also recommend using throw pillows and blankets with different patterns and textures to accent your furniture. While you are shopping for décor, keep in mind that there is a risk of over-accessorizing when it comes to boho style. To avoid making your space look cluttered, make sure the accessories in your space are grounded with your furniture and have “room to breathe.”

If you are not sure how to get started with decorating your home, we would love to help you! Our showroom offers a wide selection of art and décor, plus our design staff can help you find pieces that perfectly complement your design vision.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you create your bohemian space.

How to Bring Nature Into your Space


One of the major trends to emerge in recent years is the incorporation of nature within interior design.

Nature has always played a role in design, but with so many people feeling isolated in their homes over the last couple years, the importance of bringing the outdoors inside has become a priority for many. Bringing nature into your space can support your mental health, improve the air quality in your home, and create a space that feels timeless and inviting — just to name a few benefits!

Let’s discuss three ways that you can enhance your space with natural elements today.

Look for furniture and décor that incorporate natural fibers and materials.

At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we have carefully curated a variety of manufacturers who use only the best quality materials possible. It just so happens that these quality materials often come right from mother nature herself.

Using furniture made from solid wood is a great way of bringing nature into your space. Incorporating natural wood finishes also enhances the organic characteristics of the material. You can also bring in unique textures with statement pieces made of rattan and wicker. With a foundation of solid wood furniture, add fabrics from natural fibers, such as linen or cotton. Incorporate these types of fabrics in pillows and window treatments to soften the feel of your space.

You can also include décor that is either made from natural materials or includes outdoor subject matter. A few examples might include earthy ceramic pieces, decorative fiber baskets, or wall art depicting animals or landscapes.

Include indoor plants in your space.

A seemingly obvious way to bring nature into your space is to incorporate plants into your décor. Indoor plants look beautiful with any design style, and they also contribute to improved air quality in your home. Some varieties of plants can even deter insects and pests.

If you don’t want the responsibility of caring for living plants, you also have the option to use faux arrangements instead. While you won’t get all the health benefits of living plants, faux arrangements can still deliver the style you are looking for (and they last forever).

Not sure where to start when shopping for plant décor? Our showroom has dozens of hyper-realistic faux plant arrangements for sale in a variety of sizes and styles.

Consider patterns that include floral and animal designs.

We mentioned earlier that including outdoor subject matter in your décor is a great way of bringing nature into your home. Some examples of these elements include animal and plant print fabrics, framed art depicting botanical pictures, or decorative sculptures of animals.

When you are shopping, keep an eye out for small accent pieces that portray landscapes and wildlife. Pillows and wall art are great for tasteful incorporation of your design theme, and they can easily be updated and swapped if your style ever changes.

If you need assistance with decorating your home, our design staff are happy to help you select the perfect pieces for your space.

We hope these tips are helpful for all the nature lovers out there. Natural elements never go out of style, so you can be confident that these themes won’t just be a passing trend. If you ever need assistance with furnishing or decorating your home, don’t hesitate to visit our showroom!

3 uses for Console Tables


Did you know that one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy is a console table? Accent furniture is often overlooked while shopping for one’s home – but these types of pieces are key for making your space beautiful and functional.

Let’s look at three great uses for console tables in your home.

1. Console tables are excellent places to display art and accessories.

Finding good spots for art and accessories can be challenging in any home. Generally, décor looks best when it is grounded or paired with furniture pieces in your space. Positioning a console table against a wall gives you the perfect focal point to display decorative vases, table lamps, or hang wall art — and those are just a few examples.

2. Placing a console table against the back of a “floating” sofa helps to complete open-concept layouts and adds interest.

If your sofa is positioned in the center of your living room without any grounding elements around it, the space will probably look disjointed and lackluster. Positioning a console table against the back of the sofa helps to add interest to the “floating” furniture. Place a nice table lamp or framed pictures to the console table and you’ve created a beautiful centerpiece where there used to be nothing but the bland backside of a sofa.

Keep in mind that, for this design trick to work, the size and height of the table needs to be proportionate to the sofa. We recommend working with our interior designers to ensure you are purchasing the right pieces for your specific needs. 

3. Console tables can decorate small spaces in your home that might otherwise feel bare.

 Do you have a hallway that feels boring? Or perhaps your home’s tiny entryway lacks that “wow” factor you’re looking for. Console tables are the perfect accent pieces for those small, difficult-to-decorate spaces. Adding one of these tables creates interest without getting in the way or causing your space to look cluttered. For example, a narrow console table in your entryway with a decorative mirror hanging above it creates a beautiful focal point as soon as anyone enters your home.

If you are interested in finding the perfect console table for your space, visit our Roanoke showroom or schedule an appointment at our Lynchburg Design Studio today! We carry a large variety of console tables from manufacturers including Stickley, Gat Creek, Copeland Furniture, and Charleston Forge. We look forward to working with you soon!

3 Home Decorating Tips to Elevate Your Space


If decorating your home has you scratching your head, you are not alone. We’ve worked with tons of customers who simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to accessorizing their space.

With the massive amount of furniture, décor, rugs, wall art, and light fixtures on the market today, we understand that it can all be quite overwhelming. But don’t lose hope! Let’s take a look at three tips to get you decorating with confidence.

Define your design style.

There are so many styles of décor and accessories on the market today that it can be easy to get lost in the chaos. The last thing you want to do is end up buying a bunch of different pieces from conflicting styles. Even if you prefer a more eclectic feel for your space, your décor should still be unified by some common element (such as color scheme – but we’ll get to that later).

Before you start shopping, do some research to determine your favorite style. This will give you a blueprint for your space. For example, maybe you love the clean lines and simplicity of the mid-century modern look, or perhaps you find yourself drawn to the blend of traditional and modern elements for a more transitional style. We recommend conducting research using Pinterest, magazines, or even by visiting our showroom to get a feel for how different styles look and feel. Once you define the look you want to achieve, you will have a focus when shopping for pieces. 

Choose a color palette.

One of the biggest elements you can use to create a cohesive space is color. Once you have picked a design style, we recommend picking a small group of complementary colors that appeal to your taste and the mood of your home. Do you want to keep things looking clean and simple? Perhaps a neutral color palette is best for you. Do you want a lively space with lots of color? Then contrasting jewel tones could be a great choice.

When you are doing your research, take note of the colors typically used in your design style — this is a great way to narrow down the tones you want to focus on. Once you have defined your style and colors, you can really narrow down what décor and accessories will fit with your vision.

Use the rule of 3s.

So you’ve chosen your design style, crafted a color palette, and done your shopping. Great! Now, where should you place those pieces in your home? There is much to consider, such as your home’s layout and the function of the space, but a good rule of thumb is to focus on groups of three.

For example, one small vase on a console table may look a little bare, but use a group of three vases in different heights or shapes and you have a beautiful centerpiece. Keep in mind that whenever you are grouping décor, they should be unified by your color palette and style.

A common place that benefits from the rule of three is on a cocktail table. For example, placing a decorative tray with a stack of three books and a candle can make a beautiful statement for your living room space. The tray, books, and candle come together to create a cohesive grouping for your table. The same strategy can be used for wall art. A group of three painted canvases with similar subject matter or three small mirrors hung at various heights, can bring interest and variety to your walls.

The most important part of decorating your home is to have fun at the end of the day. Create a space that feels meaningful and personal to you, and you’ll have a home that you never want to leave. If you are still unsure of how to come up with a vision for your space, we highly recommend working with an experienced designer. A good designer will have a deep understanding of different design styles and color theories. If you would like to learn more about how our personalized design services can help you achieve your dream home, visit our Roanoke showroom or give us a call today!

3 Steps to an Inviting Entryway


Your home’s indoor entryway can set the tone of your entire house — so make it a space you love. With just a few key elements, you can create an entryway that makes an impression on all who open your door.

Don’t worry — this is an easy project. We’ve narrowed down three key steps that will get you and your guests raving over your home’s entrance.

Decorative mirrors add light and create interest in the space.

Accent mirrors serve both practical and decorative purposes. Mirrors bounce light, so they can help to brighten the entrance of your home naturally. We’ve also found that it is quite handy to have a mirror right by the front door for last minute hair and makeup checks before leaving your house!

From an aesthetic standpoint, mirrors are a fantastic way of accessorizing and adding your personal style to the space. If your entryway is not particularly spacious, accessorizing with mirrors or other wall art helps to add some flare without taking up floor space. If you are having trouble finding a mirror that matches your style, our Roanoke showroom carries a variety of mirrors in many shapes and sizes.

An area rug makes the entry welcoming and inviting.

A beautiful rug is essential for an inviting entrance. Rugs help to eliminate echoes and they create a warm, soft feeling underfoot (which is especially appreciated during colder months). In the same way mirrors create interest on your walls, a rug further accessorizes your space. Rugs truly act as art on your floors.

Keep in mind that your entryway rug MUST be woven from quality materials and tough enough to withstand high foot traffic. We recommend hand-knotted wool rugs, as these are both exquisitely beautiful and they can withstand over 100 years of use. Our store carries a wide variety of rugs in all sizes and price points – we would love to help you find the perfect piece for your doorway.

Don’t forget stylish storage.

From a practical standpoint, this last tip might be the most important. Having a couple pieces for storage purposes helps to keep your entryway neat and tidy. An umbrella stand is one example of a practical and stylish addition to your space. We also recommend a console table or cabinet, which adds a nice touch for additional storage and accessories — such as a vase or a lamp. If you are unsure of where to look for these types of pieces, our store carries a large assortment of pieces that would be perfect for your entryway.

We hope these tips are helpful as you spruce up your home’s entrance. It is our mission to not simply be a furniture store, but also a resource of information and design advice for our customers. Quality furnishings and personalized design services are our passion. We look forward to seeing you in our Roanoke showroom soon!

Home Office Tips to Keep You Comfortable and Organized


Working from home has become the new normal for many people over the last year; and given the benefits for both workers and employers, remote working models are likely to stick around even after the pandemic is over.

This shift in how we work requires us to rethink our home office space. It is critically important for our mental health to keep our living space and workspace separate. Your home office should provide a neat, comfortable environment where you can focus for long periods of time with minimal distractions. For some, this might sound like a difficult task — but don’t worry! We have a few tips to help you optimize your office space to fit your needs.

Your desk and chair are of primary importance.

This may seem obvious, but the main elements that affect the quality of your workspace are your desk and office chair. If your desk doesn’t have adequate storage for your papers and supplies or space for your computer, you are going to feel very disorganized. Additionally, if your chair doesn’t adequately support your body, you are likely to suffer from back pain and muscle tension. So how can you be sure that you are selecting the right office furniture for you?

When shopping for a desk, take into consideration how much storage space you require and how much surface area your computer and other office tools will occupy. Your desk should be large enough to hold everything you need with some room to spare.

Additionally, you may want to consider a desk that can be raised to a standing position. Standing desks are excellent for your back health and circulation — especially if your job requires long periods of deskbound work. If you’re looking for quality desk options, please visit us! Our store carries both stationary desks and motorized standing desks in a variety of finishes and styles.

Furthermore, your office chair should properly cradle your body to promote healthy posture and circulation. We recommend sitting in your chair before making a purchase to ensure that you’ve found the right fit for you. With the amount of time spent in your office chair, it is worth your time and investment to get a seat that is truly comfortable for extended periods of time. If your body is comfortable, you will be able to perform at your highest level and feel healthy while doing it. Our store carries a variety of chairs for your needs, including Stressless office chairs. Visit us today to try them out for yourself.

Find a way to create privacy and separation from the rest of your home.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges with working from home is managing distractions. You may have other family members at home creating noise or excitement, or maybe you live alone but your TV and refrigerator seem to draw your attention away from your work (trust us — we get it).

The simplest way to mitigate these distractions is to find a space that can be secluded or separated from the rest of your home. A separate room that allows you to close the door and have privacy is ideal. But you can also use curtains or movable partitions if you don’t have a dedicated room for your office. Positioning your desk to face away from distractions (such as your TV screen or living room) is also a good way to help your mind to focus. Any steps you can take to make your space quiet and private will help you to work more effectively and efficiently.

Use minimal and practical accessories to enhance your space without causing distractions.

Finally, we recommend keeping your office décor minimalistic to ensure that your space is not overly stimulating or distracting. House plants are excellent for creating a sense of calm and adding some subtle color to your office. Area rugs are another great addition for your space, and they even help to provide some sound proofing and eliminate echoes in your room.

You might also consider decorative shelving or bookcases for additional storage. When it comes to paint colors and décor, avoid overly busy patterns and bright colors if you feel they may cause distraction. With every design decision you make, simply ask yourself, “will this element enhance my focus, or will it hinder it?”

We hope you’ve found these tips to be helpful as you evaluate your office space. Keep in mind that our store is a one-stop-shop for all your home office needs. Whether you are looking for a desk, chair, storage furniture, or rugs and accessories, we have you covered. Stop by our Roanoke showroom or schedule an appoint at our Lynchburg Design Studio to learn more about how we can make your office a dream space.

Refreshing Your Home for Spring in 4 Easy Steps


Spring is finally approaching — and we are so ready for it! New life, longer days, and the smell of fresh air are all right around the corner. And this is the perfect time of year to breathe new life into your home, too.

Don’t be overwhelmed — refreshing your home for spring doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. Check out these 4 easy steps for giving your space some TLC this spring.

Consider how each room has functioned for you over the past year.

Take a mental inventory of how well your space functioned for you during 2020. Most of us spent A LOT more time at home than usual, so you are probably well aware of any rooms that didn’t serve you well. Ask yourself these questions: Which spaces work well for your needs? Which spaces don’t? Which spaces make you feel at-ease, and which ones make you feel stressed? Are there certain spots where you can’t seem to manage clutter? Are there dark areas that you want to look brighter?

Make a list of the spaces that could use improvement and prioritize by importance. Depending on your budget, you can choose how many rooms you want to focus on this spring. Perhaps all you need is some new décor, or maybe your room would benefit from some new furniture that functions better for your needs. If you need advice on what direction to take with your space, our interior designers are always here to help.

Replace your throw pillows for fresh pops of color and texture.

A simple way to freshen up your home is to switch out your throw pillows. Bringing in new colors and textures goes a long way to transform the look of the overall space. When you are shopping, be sure to keep the colors of your furniture and décor in mind. You want the new pillows to pair well with the color scheme you already have. If your furniture is in a neutral color palette, then you have a lot more options when it comes to changing your throw pillows. And don’t get overwhelmed — if finding the right fabrics and colors has your head spinning, we at Reid’s are always here to help with finding the right look for you.

Update your wall art to transform the mood of your space.

Just like throw pillows, new wall art can redefine the style of your room in the blink of an eye. You can use wall décor for bringing in new accent colors, new textures, and creating interest in the overall space. And wall art doesn’t just have to be framed paintings. Our Roanoke showroom has an eclectic assortment of sculptural pieces, canvases, mirrors, and more.

Bring Spring indoors with houseplants (real or fake!).

When you think of spring, you probably think of flowers and fresh greenery. Bringing some natural elements into your home is a wonderful way to shake off the winter gloom. Plants and floral arrangements look great in every space — you just have to consider what colors and proportions will best fit the room.

Don’t have a green thumb? Not a problem. There are plenty of gorgeous faux plants out there. Our showroom carries a variety of faux arrangements that look strikingly real, and you’ll never have to worry about watering them.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare your space for the months ahead. There is something so refreshing about sprucing up for a season of longer days, warmer sunlight, and brighter life.

And as always, if you need any assistance with decorating or furnishing your home, just let us know. Our knowledgeable staff and complimentary design services are here to make your space the best it can be. Visit our Roanoke showroom or make an appointment at our Lynchburg design studio to learn more!

How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis


It’s no secret: today’s world is often chaotic and stressful. Between work, family, and myriad other responsibilities, it can be difficult to find rest amid life’s busyness.

And what is one of the first things to suffer when we can’t relax? Our sleep. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is to ensure that your bedroom is an oasis of calm and quiet.

Here are our top 3 design tips for creating a space that supports healthy and rejuvenating sleep.

Invest in a quality mattress.

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it is the most important factor for good sleep: do not settle for a cheap or uncomfortable mattress. A piece of furniture that you use every day of your life is worth your investment — especially when it greatly impacts your quality of life. A bad mattress inhibits your sleep, leads to muscle and joint pain, and leaves you feeling worse in the morning than you felt when you first laid down at night.

Your mattress should stand the test of time and comfortably support your body all night. You should also test any mattress you are considering before purchasing it. Our store carries bench-made mattresses from Winndom, a Virginia-based company, which you can try for yourself right in our Roanoke showroom. Several of our staff members own one or more mattresses from Winndom, so we can recommend these beds personally. With several firmness and size options, we can find a perfect mattress for everyone in your family.

Use calm colors and soft lighting in your room.

Scientific studies have proven that color has an effect on our mood, appetite, and even some of our decisions. It’s no surprise that the colors of your bedroom also have an impact on your mental state when you are winding down for bed.

We recommend choosing muted colors that give you a sense of calm for your bedroom walls and décor. Warm neutrals, pastels, and earth tones are all great options for creating a calm color palette. Colors that are bright and bold, on the other hand, can be overly stimulating and reflect too much light for a healthy sleep environment. If you need help choosing the right colors for your space, our interior designers are wonderful at recommending paint options. Our store also carries full bedding sets for any style.

In addition to calming colors, make sure the light fixtures in your room are not overly bright. If you like to read or journal before bed, we recommend placing a small lamp on your nightstand. Our showroom carries several lamps that also have a night-light setting, which is particularly useful for nighttime reading.

Minimize clutter.

Creating a clean and organized space is our final tip for giving your bedroom a calming environment. When your room is cluttered, your mind is more likely to feel uneasy or anxious. We recommend incorporating storage elements in your bedroom furniture to ensure that all your belongings have a place. Perhaps you would benefit from a storage bed with drawers tucked neatly underneath your bedframe; or maybe a gentlemen’s chest or dresser could provide storage space for the things that don’t fit in your closet. Even a small, solid wood chest at the foot of your bed can help to minimize clutter an add to the beauty of the room. Once your bedroom is organized, we guarantee you will feel much more relaxed when your head hits the pillow.

We hope these tips will help you to start off the new year with better sleep. When you get quality rest, you are better equipped to enjoy life and handle any stressors that may come your way. If you need help finding the right furniture or design elements for your bedroom, we would love to help you. Come visit our Roanoke showroom or make an appointment at our Lynchburg Design Studio for personal assistance today!