Sectional sofas are growing in popularity – and for good reason! These sofas provide tons of comfortable seating, and they can be extremely versatile. BUT – a sectional can be a complicated piece of furniture to fit in your space properly. The last thing you want is a giant sofa that blocks traffic patterns in your space, or a piece that isn’t suited for the purpose of the room. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we are here to make sure that never happens to our customers! Here are three things to consider before you invest in a sectional sofa..

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So You Want to Buy a Sectional? Here are 3 Things to Consider While You Shop


Sectional sofas are growing in popularity – and for good reason! These sofas provide tons of comfortable seating, and they can be extremely versatile. BUT – a sectional can be a complicated piece of furniture to fit in your space properly. The last thing you want is a giant sofa that blocks traffic patterns in your space, or a piece that isn’t suited for the purpose of the room. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we are here to make sure that never happens to our customers! Here are three things to consider before you invest in a sectional sofa..

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So You Want to Buy a Sectional? Here are 3 Things to Consider While You Shop


Sectional sofas are growing in popularity – and for good reason! These sofas provide tons of comfortable seating, and they can be extremely versatile. BUT – a sectional can be a complicated piece of furniture to fit in your space properly. The last thing you want is a giant sofa that blocks traffic patterns in your space, or a piece that isn’t suited for the purpose of the room. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we are here to make sure that never happens to our customers! Here are three things to consider before you invest in a sectional sofa..

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So You Want to Buy a Sectional? Here are 3 Things to Consider While You Shop


Sectional sofas are growing in popularity – and for good reason! These sofas provide tons of comfortable seating, and they can be extremely versatile. BUT – a sectional can be a complicated piece of furniture to fit in your space properly. The last thing you want is a giant sofa that blocks traffic patterns in your space, or a piece that isn’t suited for the purpose of the room. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we are here to make sure that never happens to our customers! Here are three things to consider before you invest in a sectional sofa..

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Our Upholstery is Different. Here’s Why…


When you are shopping for upholstery, how do you know if you are purchasing a quality piece? There are so many stores and brands out there, it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad.

At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, you can be sure that we only carry manufacturers who use the finest materials and construction practices. Here are just a few reason our upholstery is better than the big box stores.

Solid Wood Frames

To determine the quality of an upholstered piece, like a sofa or armchair, you need to start from the beginning: it’s frame. A lot of furniture frames today are constructed with weak materials, such as plastics and other lesser quality elements. At Reid’s, we understand that a piece of furniture is only as strong as it’s frame. Our manufacturers build their frames out of quality solid wood. Solid wood is strong, supportive, and lasts for decades.

8-Way, Hand Tied Cushion Support

In addition to the frame of your upholstery, the cushion support is also an important factor in the comfort and longevity of the furniture. Most of our upholstery is constructed with 8-way hand tied cushion support. This involves carefully positioning coil springs in the frame with fine twine in 8 directions, ensuring the springs stay in place. This method creates a strong, level foundation for the cushions to sit on, allowing weight to be evenly distributed throughout the piece. So why does that matter? It means you won’t get any sagging or slumping in the seat – a defect which plagues many furniture pieces on the market today.

High Quality Cushions

Our manufacturers put just as much time into the construction of their cushions as they do the frames. Using carefully sourced materials including foams and down feathers, everything from the firmness to the resiliency of the cushion is considered. And since everyone prefers a different type of cushion, many of our manufacturers offer several different options with various firmness levels.

Made to Order, Built to Last

We know that buying furniture can be a big investment, which is why we care so much about offering pieces that will last for decades. Not only can you trust that our furniture is built with the finest materials and construction practices, but we also ensure that you can get a piece tailor-made for your needs. Our sofas, chairs, and ottomans come with options for customization including various sizes, cushion styles, leg styles, endless fabric and leather options, wood stains and paint finishes! When you shop with us, you don’t have to settle for upholstery that doesn’t truly fit your vision. We are here to pair you with furniture that checks all your boxes!

So what are you waiting for? Stop trying to weed through the endless selection of sub-par furniture on the internet and visit our family-owned store instead! We have an expansive showroom in Roanoke and a Design Studio in Lynchburg – plus, we deliver all across central Virginia. Visit us today and let us help you find the furniture of your dreams!

3 Reasons Why Buying Our Furniture Is Better for the Environment


Did you know that how you furnish your home has an impact on our environment? Like many industries today, the furniture market is flooded with countless companies that use harmful manufacturing practices, resulting in wasted resources, pollution, and other stresses on our planet.

Don’t lose hope though. There is a far better alternative to this mass-produced, wasteful furniture! At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we work with a selective group of manufacturers who create quality pieces and produce their work responsibly. Here are three reasons our home furnishings are better for the environment than big-box stores.

Our manufacturers implement green technologies and sustainable lumber practices.

Most large furniture manufacturers use harmful practices that result in wasted resources, deforestation, and excessive pollution from inefficient shipping methods and large factories. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we take no part in those types of companies. Instead, we focus on solid wood, American-made furniture from smaller manufacturers. Additionally, even our select group of overseas manufacturers, such as Ekornes Stressless, are environmentally focused. We have carefully selected our manufacturers based on the quality of their products and business practices. Our manufacturers are intentional about reducing waste, recycling, sourcing quality materials, and even replenishing America’s forests. Check out the links at the end of this article for more information on how our manufacturers are working to protect our environment!

Our furniture is made to order, not wastefully mass-produced.

Big Box stores are notorious for overstocking large inventories of furniture that may never actually be sold to customers. This epidemic of mass production contributes to the waste of our earth’s precious resources. Here at Reid’s, we avoid such waste using a made-to-order approach with our furniture suppliers. Our showroom is curated to provide a thorough selection of what our manufacturers offer, and then our customers get to place their order based on their exact specifications and needs. This made-to-order system not only avoids wasteful manufacturing, but it also gives our customers more options for customization!

Our high-quality, solid wood furniture will last for many years, unlike mass-produced, bargain furniture, which will need to be replaced frequently.

Unlike cheap, mass-produced furniture, our home furnishings are built to last for many years. When you buy from big box stores, you will likely have to replace your furniture every few years. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, our customers can enjoy their furniture for decades — even generations! Long-lasting furniture means less stress on environmental resources, and it saves you money in the long-run … that’s a win-win situation for you and our planet! 

We hope this article helps you to feel more informed and empowered as your shop for your home. If you would like more information on how our manufacturers are implementing sustainable practices, click the links below. And as always, if you need any assistance in furnishing your home, visit us at Reid’s Fine Furnishings today!

More From the Manufacturers

Stickley’s Sustainable Mission

Stressless Sustainability

Gat Creek’s Principled Approach

Charleston Forge’s Commitment to Sustainability

American Leather: Enduring Style, Sustainable Practices   

3 Reasons the 2022 Collector Piece From Stickley is Special


Every now and then, a piece of furniture becomes a piece of history. Stickley has been in the business of creating historically significant furniture for over 100 years.

The Stickley 2022 collector piece, the Meadowflower Cabinet, is particularly poignant. This piece holds the timeless beauty and craftsmanship that we expect from Stickley, but there are also deeper meanings to its design. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons this limited-time piece is so special.

1. Functional and Versatile

From a practical standpoint, this cabinet is an excellent addition to virtually any space. The Meadowflower Cabinet includes an adjustable shelf tucked away behind its doors. There is also a raised top that doubles its surface area, so there is plenty of room for books, décor, or anything else you need a place for. While this piece has its roots in mission style furniture, its elegant features and multiple finish options allow it to compliment many design styles.

2. Meaningful Symbolism

The focal point of this collector piece is undoubtably the beautiful wood inlay of flowers on each of the cabinet doors. But there is a deeper significance to the design that makes this piece special. Stickley explains: “the practice of assigning meaning to flowers and plants […] was popular in Victorian England when the Arts and Crafts movement was dawning […]. The Meadowflower Cabinet’s stylized arrangement of cornflower and mint expresses ‘comfort in difficult times,’ while the 22 points on the flowers symbolize the year.”

A theme of comfort amidst adversity is both historically significant and relatable to all people, and we believe the meaning behind this cabinet will make it a poignant antique for future generations.

3. Craftsmanship That Lasts for Generations

You might be wondering how we could make such a bold claim that the Meadowflower Cabinet will be a valued antique for future generations. Our confidence stems from Stickley’s impeccable craftsmanship spanning over 100 years. Stickley’s furniture has already proven to be timeless and historically significant. Constructed from solid wood here in the USA, this cabinet can truly be passed down from generation to generation. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your 2022 Meadowflower cabinet before time runs out! Stickley is only manufacturing this cabinet for 2022, so this is your chance to own a piece of history. Visit or call our Roanoke showroom today to learn more about this collector piece and order your own today!

How to Choose the Right Wall Art for Your Space


Figuring out how to decorate your walls can feel like an overwhelming task. What pieces will fit well with your space? How do you find décor that matches your style? Where should you hang things? Don’t worry — we are here to answer all the questions swirling around in your mind.

Follow these three tips, and you’ll be well on your way to making your walls beautiful and interesting.

Determine how much wall space you need to fill.

The first step towards the perfect wall décor is to take note of the size of the space you need to accessorize. A small bathroom wall versus a large living room with cathedral ceilings will obviously have different needs. You want the scale of your decorative pieces to correlate with the height and width of your walls. Take measurements of your space to bring with you for reference while you’re shopping — that way you can have a more accurate idea of how items will fit before you purchase anything.

What colors and textures fit with the style of the room?

Perhaps the most difficult part of shopping for wall décor is determining what pieces compliment the style of your space. Home décor should tell the story of what is meaningful to you and your family while also maintaining a sense of the color palette and mood of the room.

For example, if you are striving to create a modern farmhouse style for your home, try to find meaningful pieces that incorporate things like raw wood, neutral tones, or even rustic metal elements.

As you shop, be mindful of the colors and textures you already have in your space. If you have a neutral color scheme in your home, then you will have a lot of freedom when choosing colors and patterns for your décor. If you’ve already established accent colors in your space, however, then you will want to select decorations that match that color palette.

This process of identifying your style and preferred color scheme is much easier when working with an interior designer. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we offer complimentary design services with your purchase — so you can be confident that you are buying the right types of pieces for your home.

Hang decor in a way that balances the space. Avoid over-crowding your walls.

So you’ve found the perfect wall décor for your home — now how should you hang things? Generally, wall hangings look best when grouped with the furniture and fixtures in your home. For example, you can create interesting focal points by placing a beautiful wall canvas above your sofa, or a collage of framed photos above your fireplace. By anchoring décor to these larger pieces in your home, you are creating logical groupings that draw the eye.

We also recommend keeping at least a few inches of space between different pieces of décor to prevent the space from looking messy or crowded. Additionally, don’t feel like you need to have something hanging on every part of your wall. Maintaining some blank space makes the room feel larger and prevents the wall from looking crowded.

And remember — if you still don’t feel confident with hanging your pieces, our interior designer can also assist with the décor placement process.

We hope these tips have helped answer some of your wall décor questions. If you would like more assistance with decorating your dream home, we would love to help. Visit our Roanoke showroom or make an appointment at our Lynchburg Design Studio today!

How to Choose the Right Dining Table and Chairs


The holidays are right around the corner, which means many of us are preparing for big meals with family and friends. Having the right dining table and chairs is critical for keeping you and your guests comfortable during those long holiday feasts — but what should you look for when shopping for a dining set?

Here are our tips for finding the set that is right for you.

Construction matters. Your dining set should be sturdy and built to last.

Dining tables and chairs endure a lot of activity. Heavy platters of food, kids climbing on chairs — the list of possible stressors goes on. You need furniture that is built strong enough to hold up to all your holiday merriment. We always advise people to invest in solid wood pieces that are built with quality construction practices. Solid wood is both durable and beautiful.

Our store carries several manufacturers that build solid wood dining sets right here in the U.S.A., including Stickley, Gat Creek, and Copeland Furniture. Come visit our Roanoke showroom to check out these incredible furniture lines for yourself.

How many people do you need to seat at your largest gatherings?

Maybe you only have a family of three or four on normal occasions, but your dining set should be able to expand to fit the largest number of guests you need to seat comfortably during big gatherings. We recommend finding a dining table that has the flexibility of removable leaves. Having the ability to expand and shorten your table ensures that you can get the most out of your dining room year-round.

Some table designs are even capable of self-storing the leaves underneath the tabletop, which is extremely helpful if storage space is a concern for you. Our store carries numerous extending dining tables to fit your needs — we can even visit your home to take measurements and determine what size table is best for you.

Upholstered vs. plain wood chairs — which should you choose?

Choosing the right dining chairs can be an overwhelming decision. Our manufacturers carry both plain wood seats and upholstered seats. Plain wood chairs provide a classic look and are extremely durable. When constructed with excellence, solid wood chairs can also be surprisingly comfortable.

If you and your loved ones tend to sit at your dining table for long periods of time, however, an upholstered seat provides more cushioning and may be more comfortable long-term. If you are worried about stains, we also carry performance fabrics that are stain-resistant and liquid-repellant. Visit our Roanoke showroom to try a variety of dining chairs for yourself, and we can help you narrow down the option that is best for you.

What stain or paint best fits with the style and colors of your space?

Once you’ve chosen the table and chairs that best fit your needs, the last decision to make comes down to picking the finishes that match your style. All of our manufacturers have a variety of wood stains ranging from rich, dark tones to light and airy hues. Some pieces can even be painted in a variety of colors.

Our showroom is full of different finishing examples, and we also have wood samples of all of the possible stains and finishes so you can see the options in person. Working with a designer who understands the style of your space makes selecting these finishes much easier. And good news: we offer complimentary design services to all of our customers! Visit us today to learn more about how we can give you the dining room of your dreams.

We hope these tips help you find the perfect dining set for your home. There is nothing better than gathering around a beautiful, comfortable table with those you love. If you need assistance with your dining room — or any other part of your home — give us a call or visit our showroom. It is our mission to help our customers craft the home of their dreams. 

3 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Recliner or Chair


Buying a new chair or recliner can be an overwhelming task. There are so many styles and options for customization in today’s market that it can leave people with “decision paralysis.” Don’t worry — we are here to help!

We are well-versed in all the factors that go into picking a chair, and the three considerations below should help you narrow down your options.

Do you need a stationary chair, or a piece that has motion?

The first decision to make when it comes to chair shopping is determining what kind of motion you want for the piece, if any. Consider what the main function of the chair will be. Stationary chairs, for example, are excellent for sitting rooms or as accent furniture where the seat will mostly be used for entertaining or used for short periods.

If you plan to watch TV or nap in your chair, however, then purchasing a recliner or a swivel glider may be a more comfortable option for long periods of use. Swivel chairs are also great options if your space has multiple focal points, as the seat can be pointed in any direction without having to rearrange your furniture.

Our store carries the entire spectrum of possibilities — from stationary, swiveling, reclining, and swivel-gliding chairs. We also carry manual and power recliners depending on your preference. Visit our Roanoke showroom today to try out the options for yourself.

Will the chair be used by primarily one person or is it for multiple people? 

Next, you should determine who will be using this chair. Is dad looking for a recliner just for him? Then perhaps finding a Stressless chair and ottoman tailored to his exact size and preferences is the best choice. Or will this seat be used by the whole family? We recommend finding a more versatile option for a chair that is used by multiple people. Something with an adjustable headrest or a separate ottoman that can be moved to the right position will allow the chair to be comfortable for a larger variety of body types.

Fabric vs. leather — which one will serve you better?

Deciding on whether fabric or leather is a better choice for you can be daunting — there are so many options out there. We recommend considering the function and location of the chair first. Will this piece be in a high-traffic area or experience regular use? If so, look for top grain leathers or durable performance fabrics. These options are tough enough to withstand kids, pets, and stains.

If the chair is going to be in a quieter spot with less use, then you are free to use more delicate fabrics if you choose. Also, be mindful of how much sunlight the chair will endure. If your space has a lot of direct sunlight, then choosing a fabric that is resistant to fading is a smart choice. Our manufacturers carry thousands of fabrics and leathers for every type of project.

Lastly, consider the style of your space. It can be fun to choose detailed patterns and textures for chairs, since they tend to be smaller pieces that won’t overpower your space. Choosing contrasting colors and textures from the rest of your furniture can also add more interest to the room. We recommend working with a designer to figure out which options are best for you, both functionally and stylistically. Our store offers complimentary design services with your purchase, so you can get professional assistance for no additional cost.

We hope these three steps are helpful as you shop for your dream chair. If you still feel overwhelmed, we are here to walk you through the entire process. Simply visit our Roanoke Showroom or schedule an appointment at our Lynchburg Design Studio to get started today!

Bye, Bye Back Pain: 3 Reasons Stressless Recliners Have Your Back


Do you struggle with back pain? What you are sitting in every day might be contributing to the problem.

Unfortunately, most of today’s office chairs, sofas, and recliners do not properly support your spine — or any other part of your body for that matter. But don’t despair. If you need relief from aches and pains, Stressless recliners could make all the difference.

Here are the top 3 reasons that Stressless chairs have your back.

Stressless chairs are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

If you don’t believe that a chair could improve your back health, don’t just take our word for it! These are the only chairs to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. How often have you heard of medical professionals recommending furniture? The reason for this endorsement lies in the unique design of Stressless chairs.

Every recliner is built with a frame that is tailored to the curvature of the human spine. Your body can easily settle into the recliner without aggravating a single pressure point. No wonder chiropractors recommend these chairs to their clients!

They feature unique support that moves with you.

Back pain is often the result of improper support or alignment of the body in one or more areas. Even an aggravated pressure point in the legs or hips could translate to back pain. Stressless understands that ensuring back comfort requires providing full body support. That is why Stressless chairs and ottomans adjust to the body as you recline, which means that you are fully supported from head to toe — no matter what position you are in.

One of the most impactful features to mention is the flexible lumbar support. As you recline back and forth, the lumbar support in the frame moves with the motion of your body to ensure that your spine is in a healthy position at all times. Stressless chairs are the only recliners with this incredible feature.

Size and style options for each chair ensure that you can find a perfect fit for your back.

Last but not least, Stressless understands that one size does NOT fit all. To truly offer healthy back support to all people, these chairs come in multiple different styles and sizes. Each chair style is padded and proportioned differently, providing plenty of options depending on your unique needs and preferences.

Additionally, each chair is offered in small, medium, and large sizes. Just like finding the perfect fitting shoes, Stressless recliners are tailored perfectly to YOU as an individual. No more discomfort or pain from using a seat that was never meant for your body.

If you are struggling to find seating that provides long-lasting comfort, look no further than Stressless. To try these chairs for yourself, you can visit our Roanoke showroom or make an appointment at our Lynchburg Design Studio. We would love to find the perfect chair for you. We’ll even let you take a cat nap in one if you’d like…

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sofa


The way your furniture is built MATTERS. Have you ever purchased a sofa that felt great in the store, but started to sag or lose its support within months of having it at home?

Who knew there was so much to think about when buying a sofa? For the most-used piece of furniture in your home, this kind of research is absolutely crucial. Luckily, this process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 


A sofa’s ability to stand the test of time and remain comfortable for years to come lies solely in its inner construction. When you are shopping, it is important to look for sofas with solid wood frames and eight-way hand-tied (or knotted) support. Solid wood provides a sturdy base, allowing the sofa to maintain its shape and structural integrity. Solid wood will also prevent bowing (or dipping) in the base or arms.

Eight-way hand-tied support refers to the seat and back of the sofa where the cushions will sit on top. This system provides even weight distribution throughout the frame, and it also prevents cushions from dipping or sinking. When you are shopping, be sure to ask a sales associate about the construction features so you can determine if a sofa is worth your hard-earned money.


How do you use your sofa? Do you lie down on your couch to take naps, or are you usually sitting upright? Do you enjoy eating while sitting on your sofa? Are you looking for a piece that allows you to fully recline? Everyone uses their sofa differently depending on their preferences and needs.

It is so important to keep your own lifestyle in mind when you are shopping and trying out different frames. For example, if you enjoy laying down on your sofa, you might want to look for something with rounded arms, which are more comfortable to rest your head on. Or you might want a frame that comes with a chaise on one side to really allow room for napping. Or perhaps you have a big family and need a lot of seating on your sofa. Your family might benefit from having a sectional with room for 5+ people. A sales representative can help you with navigating all these options to find the perfect sofa for you.

Fabric vs. Leather

Similar to the question of function, your choice in fabric or leather comes down to your lifestyle and personal preferences. Fabrics come in a broad range of colors, patterns, and textures. Top-grain leathers can also come in a variety of colors and textures, but you probably won’t have as many options as you do with fabrics.

It should also be mentioned that leather is much stronger than fabric. Leather can usually be repaired if damaged, whereas fabric cannot be fixed in the event of a tear. Leather is also typically more cleanable; however, there are many performance fabrics on the market today that are easily cleanable and stain resistant.

*Side note: If you are buying leather, ALWAYS look for top-grain leathers and avoid split hides or bonded leathers at all costs.


Last — but certainly not least — comes the question of style. There are tons of different sofa styles on the market ranging from casual to formal and traditional to modern. Many sofas can even be customized towards one end of the spectrum or the other by changing the arm style, the way the cushions are tailored, and the list goes on. For example, if you are placing your sofa in a formal sitting room, you may want to look for a traditional frame with rolled arms, clean lines, and buttoned cushions. A family with kids buying a sofa for their living room, however, is often looking for a more casual frame that reflects the coziness of the space with pillowy cushions and simple tailoring. If you are struggling with pinning down which style is right for you, a designer can be a huge help in narrowing down the options that fit your lifestyle and the room setting.

At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, not only do we have a wide variety of options to offer our customers, we also have an amazing sales staff and experienced designers who can walk you through the process. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service by matching our customers with quality furniture that will last for years to come. Visit our Roanoke showroom today and try out our sofas for yourself!

4 Tips for Buying Living Room Rugs


Designing the perfect living room starts from the ground up.

Of all the rooms in a home, no room gets more detailed attention from designers than the living room. This is where we greet guests, spend quality time talking with family, and ring in the warmth and magic of the holidays. It is typically the most formal room of the home, so it is often the main focal point of your home’s look.

An area rug is the connecting element that makes a room feel finished. It supports the surrounding theme (modern vs traditional, etc.) and is the bridge to the room’s colors, enhancing the beauty and comfort of the room. The right rug makes a room feel finished and elegant.

Your rug selection is an important choice to get the most of your room’s design and create an inviting space. To help you with your shopping, we’re providing you with some tricks of the trade to make choosing your rug easy. And for personalized assistance, feel free to contact us.

For sizing, not too big and not too small = just right.

Goldilocks would have been an excellent interior designer. Balance is an important factor in creating a harmonious space, and a key way of achieving this is with your area rug. It acts as the grounding element in a room, supplying both physical and aesthetic comfort while defining a seating area. If the rug is too big, the furniture appears small. If the rug is too small, your furniture concept will feel unfinished and your furniture will look like guests in your own home.

To make it “just right,” choose a rug size that (1) lies completely underneath the furniture, or (2) extends underneath the front legs of the sofa and chairs. In both cases, be sure it covers the full length of the sofa.

For an added understanding of rug sizing, here’s a link to our previous article on how to find the correct size.

Choose a color palette.

When it comes to colors, the largest features in the room create the largest impact. This includes walls, drapes, rugs, sofas, and chairs. When chosen well, a rug’s color brings out the beauty of these colors and their complementary colors so each appears purposeful and even more beautiful.

When working with color, a good general rule of thumb is to layer your room with color in an Oreo approach. If your floors have a strong color, go lighter rug, and then go strong again with the furniture. For light floors, the opposite works as well. You can decide what elements will be dark or light or bold and subdued however you like, and then layer accordingly.

Choose a rug that’s easy to maintain.

Rugs are made in a wide range of materials. Since living rooms are often used for entertaining, guarding against food and drink stains is a smart choice. And with today’s materials, you won’t have to sacrifice the overall look.

Polypropylene is the best choice for maximum durability. It is a synthetic (man-made) fiber that is a similar look, density, and overall characteristics of wool but at a lower price point. You get the same fuzzy and comfy feel and color availability with higher strength and easier maintenance. And with their low price point, you can switch out designs in your living room easier at a lower overall cost.

We choose to sell rugs made of polypropylene because it has many of the same characteristics of wool and silk rugs, but with greater strength and wearability. It holds up extremely well over time and provides superior protection against food and drink stains, making it ideal for living rooms, dining room, and family rooms. Anything that falls on it cleans up easier than on other materials. It does all of this without sacrificing the look and color while maintaining a low price point.

We offer a wide selection of polypropylene rugs to suit your room’s design from traditional to modern. Our staff can help you find the right rug that creates the ideal balance of color and design so your room feels complete.

Select a rug pad. 

A rug mat, also called a rug pad, gives your rug the grip it needs to prevent wrinkling and skidding, making it safer on slick surfaces like wood and tile. It also protects floors from scratches and stains from food, drinks and pets while adding a cushier feel under your toes.   

Thicker rug pads provide more cushion for a luxurious feel. They are usually made of a combination of felt and rubber and have an adhesive-like texture on the bottom to connect to floors. Combined with their weight, they create a strong skid-resistant surface with thick cushion for comfort. These pads are ideal for conversation areas and lounge areas.

Thinner pads are a good choice for under dining tables and for allowing doors to open more easily. They are typically made of safe rubber and have a waffle pattern similar to shelf liners. They are lightweight and are easy to adjust, yet grip to rugs firmly.

The optimal size for these mats is 1 inch shorter than each side of your rug. This means you will be a total of 2 inches shorter in length and 2 inches shorter in width. This gives you plenty of surface area for your rug to adhere to while maintaining your rug’s beautiful look. If you go larger, the edge of your mat will be noticeable along the edge of the rug. If you go smaller, the edge of thicker pads will be noticeable

We hope this information helps you as you begin your shopping. For assistance choosing the right rug for your home, feel free to visit our Roanoke showroom. Our professional designers will help you find the perfect rug for your home.