A beige couch with two pillows on each end, 2 beige chairs, and a coffee table with a bowl on top

3 Big Mistakes People Make When Furnishing Their Homes … and How to Fix Them!


Have you ever invested in furniture or accessories and felt instant regret once you saw them in your space? Maybe you thought that piece of art would look great with your other decor, but you get it home and they clash. Or you order a chair you found online, but once it’s in your room you realize it’s too big or too small.

Don’t worry — we are here to help! Here are three common mistakes we see and how to prevent them:

1. Buying the wrong size rug for the space.

It may seem like a small detail, but the size of your rug has a huge impact on the look of your space. When shopping without the help of a designer, most people end up buying a rug that is far too small. For example, they may place a rug in their living room but the only piece of furniture that fits on it is the coffee table, leaving the rest of the furniture floating on the bare floor. A rug that is too small makes the space look awkward and uncoordinated.

Instead, you want to be sure rugs are large enough for the entire furniture group to be grounded on top of it. For more information on how to select the right rug for your space, check out 4 Tips for Buying Living Room Rugs!

2. Choosing pieces and styles that don’t work together.

We’ve all done it … that wall hanging looks great in the store, but you get it home and you wonder what you were thinking! Our designers have been in a lot of homes, and they’ve seen their share of confused design styles and jumbled spaces … but we are here to help!

Many people approach shopping for their home without a plan or vision. They buy random pieces in a store, but they get home and things don’t look right. To avoid this mistake, we recommend deciding on a design style and color palette that you can use as a guide when shopping. Keeping your specific style in mind will help you narrow down what pieces, colors, and textures make the most sense for your space.

If you have a hard time defining your vision for your home, we recommend working with one of our highly skilled designers. We are happy to create a plan that fits exactly what you have in mind.

3. Forgetting to consider how the room needs to function and flow spatially. 

Furnishing a space can involve some tricky math and a lot of planning. Certain layouts for furniture and décor will make more sense than others depending on the dimensions and purpose of your room. We’ve seen a lot of homes that don’t have clear traffic patterns, lack organization, and layouts that don’t make the most of the space.

Before buying new furnishings, consider how you need the space to function. Where do you need to leave room for people to walk? How large should your sofa be in relation to the space it’s in? You want the room to feel organized — not crowded or impractical.

Before you get your tape measure out and start getting overwhelmed with the layout of your space, give us a call and we will connect you with one of our designers. We take the guesswork out of furnishing your home.

We hope this article helps you to avoid some of the common mistakes people make in their homes. If you need assistance with furnishing your space, or if you need help fixing one of the problems above, give us a call or visit our showroom today!