Our Upholstery is Different. Here’s Why…


When you are shopping for upholstery, how do you know if you are purchasing a quality piece? There are so many stores and brands out there, it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad.

At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, you can be sure that we only carry manufacturers who use the finest materials and construction practices. Here are just a few reason our upholstery is better than the big box stores.

Solid Wood Frames

To determine the quality of an upholstered piece, like a sofa or armchair, you need to start from the beginning: it’s frame. A lot of furniture frames today are constructed with weak materials, such as plastics and other lesser quality elements. At Reid’s, we understand that a piece of furniture is only as strong as it’s frame. Our manufacturers build their frames out of quality solid wood. Solid wood is strong, supportive, and lasts for decades.

8-Way, Hand Tied Cushion Support

In addition to the frame of your upholstery, the cushion support is also an important factor in the comfort and longevity of the furniture. Most of our upholstery is constructed with 8-way hand tied cushion support. This involves carefully positioning coil springs in the frame with fine twine in 8 directions, ensuring the springs stay in place. This method creates a strong, level foundation for the cushions to sit on, allowing weight to be evenly distributed throughout the piece. So why does that matter? It means you won’t get any sagging or slumping in the seat – a defect which plagues many furniture pieces on the market today.

High Quality Cushions

Our manufacturers put just as much time into the construction of their cushions as they do the frames. Using carefully sourced materials including foams and down feathers, everything from the firmness to the resiliency of the cushion is considered. And since everyone prefers a different type of cushion, many of our manufacturers offer several different options with various firmness levels.

Made to Order, Built to Last

We know that buying furniture can be a big investment, which is why we care so much about offering pieces that will last for decades. Not only can you trust that our furniture is built with the finest materials and construction practices, but we also ensure that you can get a piece tailor-made for your needs. Our sofas, chairs, and ottomans come with options for customization including various sizes, cushion styles, leg styles, endless fabric and leather options, wood stains and paint finishes! When you shop with us, you don’t have to settle for upholstery that doesn’t truly fit your vision. We are here to pair you with furniture that checks all your boxes!

So what are you waiting for? Stop trying to weed through the endless selection of sub-par furniture on the internet and visit our family-owned store instead! We have an expansive showroom in Roanoke and a Design Studio in Lynchburg – plus, we deliver all across central Virginia. Visit us today and let us help you find the furniture of your dreams!

3 Big Mistakes People Make When Furnishing Their Homes … and How to Fix Them!


Have you ever invested in furniture or accessories and felt instant regret once you saw them in your space? Maybe you thought that piece of art would look great with your other decor, but you get it home and they clash. Or you order a chair you found online, but once it’s in your room you realize it’s too big or too small.

Don’t worry — we are here to help! Here are three common mistakes we see and how to prevent them:

1. Buying the wrong size rug for the space.

It may seem like a small detail, but the size of your rug has a huge impact on the look of your space. When shopping without the help of a designer, most people end up buying a rug that is far too small. For example, they may place a rug in their living room but the only piece of furniture that fits on it is the coffee table, leaving the rest of the furniture floating on the bare floor. A rug that is too small makes the space look awkward and uncoordinated.

Instead, you want to be sure rugs are large enough for the entire furniture group to be grounded on top of it. For more information on how to select the right rug for your space, check out 4 Tips for Buying Living Room Rugs!

2. Choosing pieces and styles that don’t work together.

We’ve all done it … that wall hanging looks great in the store, but you get it home and you wonder what you were thinking! Our designers have been in a lot of homes, and they’ve seen their share of confused design styles and jumbled spaces … but we are here to help!

Many people approach shopping for their home without a plan or vision. They buy random pieces in a store, but they get home and things don’t look right. To avoid this mistake, we recommend deciding on a design style and color palette that you can use as a guide when shopping. Keeping your specific style in mind will help you narrow down what pieces, colors, and textures make the most sense for your space.

If you have a hard time defining your vision for your home, we recommend working with one of our highly skilled designers. We are happy to create a plan that fits exactly what you have in mind.

3. Forgetting to consider how the room needs to function and flow spatially. 

Furnishing a space can involve some tricky math and a lot of planning. Certain layouts for furniture and décor will make more sense than others depending on the dimensions and purpose of your room. We’ve seen a lot of homes that don’t have clear traffic patterns, lack organization, and layouts that don’t make the most of the space.

Before buying new furnishings, consider how you need the space to function. Where do you need to leave room for people to walk? How large should your sofa be in relation to the space it’s in? You want the room to feel organized — not crowded or impractical.

Before you get your tape measure out and start getting overwhelmed with the layout of your space, give us a call and we will connect you with one of our designers. We take the guesswork out of furnishing your home.

We hope this article helps you to avoid some of the common mistakes people make in their homes. If you need assistance with furnishing your space, or if you need help fixing one of the problems above, give us a call or visit our showroom today!

3 Reasons Why Buying Our Furniture Is Better for the Environment


Did you know that how you furnish your home has an impact on our environment? Like many industries today, the furniture market is flooded with countless companies that use harmful manufacturing practices, resulting in wasted resources, pollution, and other stresses on our planet.

Don’t lose hope though. There is a far better alternative to this mass-produced, wasteful furniture! At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we work with a selective group of manufacturers who create quality pieces and produce their work responsibly. Here are three reasons our home furnishings are better for the environment than big-box stores.

Our manufacturers implement green technologies and sustainable lumber practices.

Most large furniture manufacturers use harmful practices that result in wasted resources, deforestation, and excessive pollution from inefficient shipping methods and large factories. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we take no part in those types of companies. Instead, we focus on solid wood, American-made furniture from smaller manufacturers. Additionally, even our select group of overseas manufacturers, such as Ekornes Stressless, are environmentally focused. We have carefully selected our manufacturers based on the quality of their products and business practices. Our manufacturers are intentional about reducing waste, recycling, sourcing quality materials, and even replenishing America’s forests. Check out the links at the end of this article for more information on how our manufacturers are working to protect our environment!

Our furniture is made to order, not wastefully mass-produced.

Big Box stores are notorious for overstocking large inventories of furniture that may never actually be sold to customers. This epidemic of mass production contributes to the waste of our earth’s precious resources. Here at Reid’s, we avoid such waste using a made-to-order approach with our furniture suppliers. Our showroom is curated to provide a thorough selection of what our manufacturers offer, and then our customers get to place their order based on their exact specifications and needs. This made-to-order system not only avoids wasteful manufacturing, but it also gives our customers more options for customization!

Our high-quality, solid wood furniture will last for many years, unlike mass-produced, bargain furniture, which will need to be replaced frequently.

Unlike cheap, mass-produced furniture, our home furnishings are built to last for many years. When you buy from big box stores, you will likely have to replace your furniture every few years. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, our customers can enjoy their furniture for decades — even generations! Long-lasting furniture means less stress on environmental resources, and it saves you money in the long-run … that’s a win-win situation for you and our planet! 

We hope this article helps you to feel more informed and empowered as your shop for your home. If you would like more information on how our manufacturers are implementing sustainable practices, click the links below. And as always, if you need any assistance in furnishing your home, visit us at Reid’s Fine Furnishings today!

More From the Manufacturers

Stickley’s Sustainable Mission

Stressless Sustainability

Gat Creek’s Principled Approach

Charleston Forge’s Commitment to Sustainability

American Leather: Enduring Style, Sustainable Practices   

How to Achieve an Upscale Boho Style in Your Space


If you spend any amount of time in stores or online shopping, you’ve probably noticed the rise of “boho” design trends.

Boho, or bohemian, style is defined by its eclectic use of patterns and colors, natural elements, and casual feel. There are some misconceptions that this design style is unrefined and busy — and it certainly can be taken to those extremes. But what if we told you that you can create a boho space that still looks elegant and upscale? If you love the cozy feeling of the boho style, but you want to maintain a sense of tasteful restraint in your space, here are our top three tips.

Look for high-quality, solid wood and rattan furniture with natural finishes.

One of the foundational parts of the bohemian style is its celebration of nature. Solid wood, cotton, and other plant-based materials are perfect for furnishing boho spaces. We recommend incorporating solid wood furniture with natural stains and finishes for this style. Natural wood tones provide a lovely sense of warmth and create a neutral color palette that is flexible for accessories and decor.

When selecting furniture, make sure you are choosing quality pieces. Poorly made or cheap furniture will make your space look less refined, and it will also wear out much faster than quality furniture. If you need help finding pieces for your home, our store carries a wide variety of solid wood furniture that would pair wonderfully with the boho style!

We also recommend incorporating rattan furniture, which is a hallmark of the boho trend. Rattan is a natural material that can provide interesting texture in your space. If you are interested in incorporating rattan into your space, we have a beautiful selection of rattan accent chairs in our Roanoke showroom.

Incorporate colorful, hand-knotted rugs to add vibrancy to the space.

The boho style is all about mixing patterns, colors, and textures to create interest in the space. One of the ways this look is achieved is by incorporating vibrant area rugs. Many boho spaces will have multiple rugs that complement each other and ground the various furniture groups in the home. At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we offer an assortment of colorful, hand-knotted rugs for you to choose from.

We recommend working with our design staff when selecting rugs to ensure that you get the appropriate size and color scheme for your space. Once you’ve selected your rugs, you can continue to accessorize your space by using the rug’s colors as a guide. This ensures that the space looks cohesive. 

Accessorize with an assortment of natural materials.

Accessorizing your space is probably the most important step for the boho style. We recommend decorating with a variety of pieces derived from nature. Accessories like house plants, ceramic and stone décor, and woven baskets can be great pieces for a boho look.

We also recommend using throw pillows and blankets with different patterns and textures to accent your furniture. While you are shopping for décor, keep in mind that there is a risk of over-accessorizing when it comes to boho style. To avoid making your space look cluttered, make sure the accessories in your space are grounded with your furniture and have “room to breathe.”

If you are not sure how to get started with decorating your home, we would love to help you! Our showroom offers a wide selection of art and décor, plus our design staff can help you find pieces that perfectly complement your design vision.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you create your bohemian space.

How to Take Care of Solid Wood Furniture


Solid wood furniture is known for its beauty and durability, but even well-crafted pieces need the proper care to stand the test of time.

Whether you have inherited solid wood furniture from a previous generation, or you’ve purchased a new piece, we are here to help you take care of your furniture. Here are some practical tips for caring for your solid wood furnishings.

Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide for the pieces you own. Not every piece of solid wood furniture requires the same cleaning methods.

Solid wood is a lot like our skin — different types need different methods of care. Your furniture’s stain or paint finish will determine what type of cleaning routine is needed. When determining the best way to clean your piece, we advise that you consult directly with the manufacturer, as they will know exactly what care is needed for each of their finishes.

If you cannot determine who manufactured your furniture (or if the manufacturer no longer exists), we recommend consulting with a local furniture restoration professional. When you make a purchase here at Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we stay in close communication with our manufacturers to provide you all the necessary care instructions — so you don’t have to go on a wild chase looking for the information you need!

Use coasters, placemats, and tablecloths to protect furniture from stains and scratches.

We believe that furniture should be tough enough to withstand regular use — that is why we focus on carrying solid wood, American-made furniture in our store. While solid wood pieces are strong, there are still a few practices that will help keep them beautiful for generations to come.

First, be sure to keep dishes and glasses off the bare wood surface. Wood is susceptible to scratching and water stains if tableware is placed directly on it. Hot dishes of food can also harm your furniture’s finish. As a general rule, if something is too hot to touch your skin, it is too hot for your furniture’s surface. Simply using tablecloths, placemats, and coasters will protect your furniture from this kind of every-day wear.

Seek help if repairs are ever needed. A skilled professional will be able to preserve the integrity of the piece.

We live in a DIY age, but some things are best left to the professionals! If your furniture has cracks, missing pieces, or other major damages, do NOT try to fix the piece on your own. Repairing solid wood is one of those tasks that should only be performed by someone who is skilled in furniture care and restoration.

If you attempt to fix fine furniture yourself, you run the risk of doing further damage to the piece. If you live in the Roanoke area and ever need furniture repair services, we are happy to provide references for professionals that we trust to do the job right.

We hope these simple tips help you to take care of your solid wood furniture. If you ever have questions regarding furniture care, we are happy to help — we pride ourselves on being fine furniture experts! Give us a call or visit our Roanoke showroom today.

3 Reasons the 2022 Collector Piece From Stickley is Special


Every now and then, a piece of furniture becomes a piece of history. Stickley has been in the business of creating historically significant furniture for over 100 years.

The Stickley 2022 collector piece, the Meadowflower Cabinet, is particularly poignant. This piece holds the timeless beauty and craftsmanship that we expect from Stickley, but there are also deeper meanings to its design. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons this limited-time piece is so special.

1. Functional and Versatile

From a practical standpoint, this cabinet is an excellent addition to virtually any space. The Meadowflower Cabinet includes an adjustable shelf tucked away behind its doors. There is also a raised top that doubles its surface area, so there is plenty of room for books, décor, or anything else you need a place for. While this piece has its roots in mission style furniture, its elegant features and multiple finish options allow it to compliment many design styles.

2. Meaningful Symbolism

The focal point of this collector piece is undoubtably the beautiful wood inlay of flowers on each of the cabinet doors. But there is a deeper significance to the design that makes this piece special. Stickley explains: “the practice of assigning meaning to flowers and plants […] was popular in Victorian England when the Arts and Crafts movement was dawning […]. The Meadowflower Cabinet’s stylized arrangement of cornflower and mint expresses ‘comfort in difficult times,’ while the 22 points on the flowers symbolize the year.”

A theme of comfort amidst adversity is both historically significant and relatable to all people, and we believe the meaning behind this cabinet will make it a poignant antique for future generations.

3. Craftsmanship That Lasts for Generations

You might be wondering how we could make such a bold claim that the Meadowflower Cabinet will be a valued antique for future generations. Our confidence stems from Stickley’s impeccable craftsmanship spanning over 100 years. Stickley’s furniture has already proven to be timeless and historically significant. Constructed from solid wood here in the USA, this cabinet can truly be passed down from generation to generation. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your 2022 Meadowflower cabinet before time runs out! Stickley is only manufacturing this cabinet for 2022, so this is your chance to own a piece of history. Visit or call our Roanoke showroom today to learn more about this collector piece and order your own today!

How to Bring Nature Into your Space


One of the major trends to emerge in recent years is the incorporation of nature within interior design.

Nature has always played a role in design, but with so many people feeling isolated in their homes over the last couple years, the importance of bringing the outdoors inside has become a priority for many. Bringing nature into your space can support your mental health, improve the air quality in your home, and create a space that feels timeless and inviting — just to name a few benefits!

Let’s discuss three ways that you can enhance your space with natural elements today.

Look for furniture and décor that incorporate natural fibers and materials.

At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we have carefully curated a variety of manufacturers who use only the best quality materials possible. It just so happens that these quality materials often come right from mother nature herself.

Using furniture made from solid wood is a great way of bringing nature into your space. Incorporating natural wood finishes also enhances the organic characteristics of the material. You can also bring in unique textures with statement pieces made of rattan and wicker. With a foundation of solid wood furniture, add fabrics from natural fibers, such as linen or cotton. Incorporate these types of fabrics in pillows and window treatments to soften the feel of your space.

You can also include décor that is either made from natural materials or includes outdoor subject matter. A few examples might include earthy ceramic pieces, decorative fiber baskets, or wall art depicting animals or landscapes.

Include indoor plants in your space.

A seemingly obvious way to bring nature into your space is to incorporate plants into your décor. Indoor plants look beautiful with any design style, and they also contribute to improved air quality in your home. Some varieties of plants can even deter insects and pests.

If you don’t want the responsibility of caring for living plants, you also have the option to use faux arrangements instead. While you won’t get all the health benefits of living plants, faux arrangements can still deliver the style you are looking for (and they last forever).

Not sure where to start when shopping for plant décor? Our showroom has dozens of hyper-realistic faux plant arrangements for sale in a variety of sizes and styles.

Consider patterns that include floral and animal designs.

We mentioned earlier that including outdoor subject matter in your décor is a great way of bringing nature into your home. Some examples of these elements include animal and plant print fabrics, framed art depicting botanical pictures, or decorative sculptures of animals.

When you are shopping, keep an eye out for small accent pieces that portray landscapes and wildlife. Pillows and wall art are great for tasteful incorporation of your design theme, and they can easily be updated and swapped if your style ever changes.

If you need assistance with decorating your home, our design staff are happy to help you select the perfect pieces for your space.

We hope these tips are helpful for all the nature lovers out there. Natural elements never go out of style, so you can be confident that these themes won’t just be a passing trend. If you ever need assistance with furnishing or decorating your home, don’t hesitate to visit our showroom!

Several Reasons to Be Excited for 2022


The last couple years have been difficult for all of us, but we believe 2022 offers hope and new possibilities!

We are looking forward to new furniture collections and design trends that provide a sense of peace and warmth — something we all need nowadays. Here are a couple things that have us excited for 2022.

Bye, bye cool tones … hello to warmer colors.

Colors are often defined as either “warm” or “cool.” Examples of warm colors include reds and oranges, while cool colors include blues and greens. Over the last several years, cool-toned colors like grays and blues have dominated the furniture and interiors industry.

While we love that kind of color palette, we are so excited to see warmer colors exploding into the design world. Colors like terracotta, warm greens and yellows, taupe, and light beiges are all on the rise.

For all you gray lovers out there — don’t worry! Gray is staying on the design scene, but in warmer hues. A warm color palette can give your space a cozy, comforting aesthetic. If you’re interested in incorporating warmer colors in your home, visit us today and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Stickley’s new Martine Collection will offer a fresh line of modern cherry furniture.

One of the most exciting things we saw at Highpoint Furniture Market in 2021 was the new Martine collection from Stickley. This line of soft, elegant cherry furniture has something to offer for every room in your home.

Featuring subtle arches, curves, and glass and metal accents, the Martine collection beautifully bridges the gap between traditional and modern design styles. As always, the collection is crafted from solid wood right here in the USA, continuing Stickley’s legacy of craftsmanship. We simply cannot wait to have this collection on our showroom floor for all to see.

So are you as excited for 2022 as we are? We cannot wait for all this year has to offer. As always, we are here to assist you with all your home furnishing needs. Simply visit our Roanoke showroom or schedule an appointment with our Lynchburg Design Studio today!

3 uses for Console Tables


Did you know that one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy is a console table? Accent furniture is often overlooked while shopping for one’s home – but these types of pieces are key for making your space beautiful and functional.

Let’s look at three great uses for console tables in your home.

1. Console tables are excellent places to display art and accessories.

Finding good spots for art and accessories can be challenging in any home. Generally, décor looks best when it is grounded or paired with furniture pieces in your space. Positioning a console table against a wall gives you the perfect focal point to display decorative vases, table lamps, or hang wall art — and those are just a few examples.

2. Placing a console table against the back of a “floating” sofa helps to complete open-concept layouts and adds interest.

If your sofa is positioned in the center of your living room without any grounding elements around it, the space will probably look disjointed and lackluster. Positioning a console table against the back of the sofa helps to add interest to the “floating” furniture. Place a nice table lamp or framed pictures to the console table and you’ve created a beautiful centerpiece where there used to be nothing but the bland backside of a sofa.

Keep in mind that, for this design trick to work, the size and height of the table needs to be proportionate to the sofa. We recommend working with our interior designers to ensure you are purchasing the right pieces for your specific needs. 

3. Console tables can decorate small spaces in your home that might otherwise feel bare.

 Do you have a hallway that feels boring? Or perhaps your home’s tiny entryway lacks that “wow” factor you’re looking for. Console tables are the perfect accent pieces for those small, difficult-to-decorate spaces. Adding one of these tables creates interest without getting in the way or causing your space to look cluttered. For example, a narrow console table in your entryway with a decorative mirror hanging above it creates a beautiful focal point as soon as anyone enters your home.

If you are interested in finding the perfect console table for your space, visit our Roanoke showroom or schedule an appointment at our Lynchburg Design Studio today! We carry a large variety of console tables from manufacturers including Stickley, Gat Creek, Copeland Furniture, and Charleston Forge. We look forward to working with you soon!

Our Favorite Gift Ideas for 2021


It’s that time of year again! Shopping for the holidays can feel like an overwhelming task — but don’t despair! We have lots of unique and special gifts in our Roanoke showroom.

To get your holiday shopping off to a great start, here are our top three gift ideas for 2021.

Find unique Christmas ornaments for the whole family.

For a limited time only, we are carrying a beautiful selection of tree ornaments. We have a wide variety of pieces, so you can find a unique ornament for everyone on your list. Ornaments are great for stocking stuffers, gifts for coworkers or your kids’ teachers, or as sentimental keepsakes for your loved ones that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Light up someone’s day with a miniature Quoizel lamp.

Give the gift of illuminated art this holiday. Quoizel is an industry leader in stained glass lighting, and we are proud to have a variety of their beautiful lamps in our showroom. Quoizel’s miniature table lamps make particularly wonderful gifts, as they can fit in almost any space. Crafted with beautifully colored stained glass, these lamps are great accent pieces that provide warm and inviting light. Visit our showroom to see these lamps in all their glory.

Finally replace that old easy chair with a quality, comfortable recliner.

If you really want to surprise that special someone (or if you want to treat yourself to a present), give the gift of relaxation with a new recliner. Our showroom has a wide selection of recliners in all styles and sizes, as well as manual and power options. Find the perfect fit with a Stressless chair and ottoman, or sink into stylish comfort with a solid wood recliner from Stickley. We have so many options to pick from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect recliner.

We hope these gift ideas are helpful as you shop for all the lucky people on your list. As always, we are here to help with all your furniture and home décor needs. Be sure to visit our Roanoke showroom soon and have a wonderful holiday season!