The 2023 Collector's Piece from Stickley is Here!

The 2023 Collector Piece from Stickley is Here!


The new year is here, and that means Stickley’s new collector piece is officially available! We are thrilled to introduce the 2023 Collector Edition Craftsman Console. Designed with practicality and style in mind, this piece is a picture of rich history and quality construction. Here are three things that make this limited-edition piece so special:

Versatile and practical

This simple and elegant console is the perfect statement piece for any room in your home. With multiple oak and cherry wood finishes to choose from, you can match the Craftsman Console to your personal style. Plus, the shelving and side-hung, center-guided drawer offers convenient storage space (and who doesn’tneed more storage space?). The best furniture is equally beautiful and practical – and this console has it all!

Visible mortise-and-tenon joinery

Stickley has a long tradition of quality, solid wood construction that reaches back over 100 years. The construction method used to build this console doesn’t simply give this piece strength, it also adds aesthetic interest. Visible mortise-and-tenon joinery accent the sides of the console. This type of joinery is a classic method of securing solid wood boards together without the use of hardware like metal or plastic. Once look at this collector piece is all it takes to see that it is built with a level of quality that is rare in the furniture industry today. The Craftsman Console is a testament to the longevity of these tried-and-true construction methods, and the visible joinery in the design allow us to appreciate its beauty and importance. 

A nod to history: “Als Ik Kan”

The 2023 Craftsman Console is also adorned with a symbol containing the Flemish phrase, “Als Ik Kan.” The history of this motto spans back to Stickley’s beginnings, and it translates to mean “to the best of my ability.” This sentiment has guided Stickley’s entire construction process since it was established at the beginning of the 20th century. Every step from sourcing lumber to assembling and finishing a piece is done with the highest care at Stickley. The “Als Ik Kan” emblem on the Craftsman Console is a nod to Stickley’s rich history of excellence – and it makes this piece a significant collectable for any furniture enthusiast.If you want to own this piece of history for yourself, visit our Roanoke showroom today to order your Craftsman Console! Don’t forget – this collector piece is only in production for 2023 – so do NOT delay on placing your order…we all know how fast a year goes by! If you would like to learn more about Stickley and all that makes them special, click here to learn more. We look forward to seeing you soon!