A green top console table with a wooden base in front of a brick wall

3 uses for Console Tables


Did you know that one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy is a console table? Accent furniture is often overlooked while shopping for one’s home – but these types of pieces are key for making your space beautiful and functional.

Let’s look at three great uses for console tables in your home.

1. Console tables are excellent places to display art and accessories.

Finding good spots for art and accessories can be challenging in any home. Generally, décor looks best when it is grounded or paired with furniture pieces in your space. Positioning a console table against a wall gives you the perfect focal point to display decorative vases, table lamps, or hang wall art — and those are just a few examples.

2. Placing a console table against the back of a “floating” sofa helps to complete open-concept layouts and adds interest.

If your sofa is positioned in the center of your living room without any grounding elements around it, the space will probably look disjointed and lackluster. Positioning a console table against the back of the sofa helps to add interest to the “floating” furniture. Place a nice table lamp or framed pictures to the console table and you’ve created a beautiful centerpiece where there used to be nothing but the bland backside of a sofa.

Keep in mind that, for this design trick to work, the size and height of the table needs to be proportionate to the sofa. We recommend working with our interior designers to ensure you are purchasing the right pieces for your specific needs. 

3. Console tables can decorate small spaces in your home that might otherwise feel bare.

 Do you have a hallway that feels boring? Or perhaps your home’s tiny entryway lacks that “wow” factor you’re looking for. Console tables are the perfect accent pieces for those small, difficult-to-decorate spaces. Adding one of these tables creates interest without getting in the way or causing your space to look cluttered. For example, a narrow console table in your entryway with a decorative mirror hanging above it creates a beautiful focal point as soon as anyone enters your home.

If you are interested in finding the perfect console table for your space, visit our Roanoke showroom or schedule an appointment at our Lynchburg Design Studio today! We carry a large variety of console tables from manufacturers including Stickley, Gat Creek, Copeland Furniture, and Charleston Forge. We look forward to working with you soon!