A blueish gray section couch with an orangish coffee table

5 Ways Design Services Can Bring Your Vision for Your Home to Life


Have you ever walked into a furniture or home store and suddenly felt completely overwhelmed? Do you have a vision for how you want your space to look, but you don’t have the first clue about where to start?

Whether you are simply interested in sprucing up your living room, or gearing up for a total home makeover, working with a designer could save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Here are five ways that a professional can help.

A designer can narrow down your options based on your style and needs.

Today’s home furnishings market is teeming with options … sometimes too many options. Who knew there were so many different types of sofas? Not to mention the numerous fabric and leather options, a wide range a of materials from wood to glass to metal … is your head spinning yet? A designer can sort through all these options with your vision in mind and present a manageable selection for you to pick from. Selecting pieces for your home doesn’t have to be stressful — in fact, it should be fun!

Picking colors can be more difficult than you think — but a professional will take out the guesswork.

Choosing colors for the pieces in your home can be harder than you expect. Did you know that there are a gazillion different tones of gray, and they each affect the overall feel of a space in unique ways? Well not to worry — a good designer has a broad knowledge of color science (yes, it is an actual science) and can help you determine what colors will work best in your home.

Designers can determine the best layout for the pieces in your space, so you can stop struggling with your tape measure.

So much of interior design is centered around creating a layout that functions spatially. There is nothing worse than a giant sectional that consumes an entire living room, or a dining room rug that isn’t big enough to fit all the chairs on it. A designer will know how to measure the space needed for each type of piece, so you don’t have to worry about how things will fit. You can just sit back, relax, and let the professional do all the math.

In today’s global marketplace, it can be difficult to determine if a piece is of good quality. But a designer has the knowledge to save you from substandard buys.

Not all furnishings are created equal. But unless you have studied furniture construction, it is difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad. For example, a piece could be described as being 100% leather, but unless you know how to identify the difference between split and top-grain leather, you could be in for big disappointment. Split leathers will crack and peel easily, but often times the marketing of the product will never warn you of that risk. Top-grain leathers, on the other hand, are durable, beautiful, and will last for years.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on pieces that won’t be able to withstand the pets and kids. A designer knows how to recognize good construction and quality materials. Your investment will go a much longer way when you buy well-made pieces.

A fresh perspective from a professional could provide amazing ideas you haven’t even considered.

The world of home furnishings holds endless possibilities, but most folks have some idea of their personal style and are reluctant to consider new ideas. The beauty of working with a designer is that he or she can show you colors, patterns, and materials that you’ve never even thought of before. Many times, these suggestions become customers’ favorite elements of their home. A designer can inspire you to get creative with your home while still remaining true to your personality. Why settle for a space that is simply functional, when you could have a home that excites and inspires you?

Maybe you agree that working with a designer would help you, but there is still the issue of spending the money to hire a professional. Home improvements are already costly enough! At Reid’s Fine Furnishings, we believe that design services should be easily accessible to all our customers.

That is why working with our designers is complimentary with any purchase through our showroom or design studio. You heard that right — design fees are completely waived with any purchase. Simply give us a call or stop by our Roanoke showroom to meet with a designer and learn more. The home of your dreams is right at your fingertips!