A bed with white linens

Tips for Finding the Perfect Mattress


Finding the perfect mattress is the first step toward getting a luxurious night’s sleep, but the selection of mattress types and sizes can sometimes be overwhelming for customers.

We’ve compiled this list to help you find the right mattress to fit your needs.

Do Your Homework

Determine what size and type of mattress you need. If you remember getting a good night’s sleep at a hotel or friend’s house, try to remember the size of the mattress and if it was soft or firm.

Determine a Budget

Mattresses can have a wide range of prices. Make sure you have a budget in mind before you come in and find a mattress you love, only to be discouraged because it is out of your price range.

Ask an Expert for Help

The associates at Reid’s Fine Furnishings are friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to mattresses. Describe what you’re looking for and they can make the right suggestions.

Try it out!

If you think you’ve found the right mattress, kick off your shoes and lie down in multiple positions to make sure it meets your needs. If it’s not the right feel for you, try out another mattress until you find the perfect one. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing when you’re mattress shopping so you can get a true feel for the bed.

Reid’s Custom Mattress Collection has options for every kind of sleeper. From firm to soft, you’ll find the comfort you need with the luxury you deserve. With a 15-year non pro-rated warranty, you can sleep well knowing you’ll have a comfortable mattress for years to come. Visit our showrooms in Roanoke and Forest to find the right mattress for you.