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Hold Lasting Value With Stickley Furniture


Think of the items you’ve purchased recently. How many of them will be more valuable in 100 years than they are today? How many can be passed down through the generations as “tomorrow’s antiques?”

Reid’s Fine Furnishings proudly carries collections from some of the world’s best furniture makers, including Stickley.

Founded by a group of brothers in 1900, Stickley Furniture began with an old Flemish craftsman’s phrase — Als Ik Kan — “to the best of my ability.” Gustav Stickley, one of the founders, marked his product with the saying as his personal guarantee that Stickley furniture was crafted from the highest-quality materials with honor, integrity, and pride.

These three words have been the guiding mantra of Stickley ever since. Even today, 116 years later, Stickley furnishings still feature solid construction, what-you-see-is-what-you-get joinery, and the finest woods available, finished with clear dyes that allow the natural grain to sparkle.

It’s these unique, handcrafted practices and time-honored techniques that make Stickley an important figure in the history of our nation’s furniture. You’ll find Stickley pieces in some of America’s most renowned museums, including:

The Stickley Company even founded its own museum — The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms — dedicated to showcasing how their furnishings have impacted the American way of life.

At Reid’s, we believe in the value of thoughtful, handcrafted pieces. With Stickley Furniture, you can share your investment as antiques you pass along to your grandchildren.

To learn more about the Stickley story, contact us or stop by Reid’s Fine Furnishings’ showroom in Roanoke today!