Kindel Furniture

Kindel Furniture Is Back at Reid’s!


Andrea and Bill are thrilled to announce that Reid’s Fine Furnishings is once again carrying pieces from the Kindel Furniture Company.

Reid’s is committed to quality, American-manufactured furnishings that maintain their value over time. Kindel, a true, American luxury brand, embodies the furniture-making practices we most respect — time-honored techniques and a commitment to details like bench assembly, hand-selected veneers and hand carving.

Founder Charles J. Kindel had a vision to build the world’s finest furniture, and for over 100 years, the Kindel Furniture Company has upheld their principles of quality craftsmanship and authenticity. That founding vision also fostered Kindel’s custom furniture productions. The company continues to produce traditional styles and relevant designs, and their made-to-order practices allow you to customize any creation to your exact tastes.

While other manufacturers compromise quality to save costs, Kindel takes pride in their American-made standard. All of their furnishings are hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Today, Kindel is one of the most recognized American furniture companies. Their attention to detail, complex finishing process and timeless designs make certain owners will cherish their fine furniture for years to come. Specific pieces by Kindel can be classified as investment-grade furniture – true works of art that are not only functional and retain their value, but are sure to be admired in your home.

Andrea and Bill hand-pick each piece of merchandise that graces our showroom floors, and they’re proud to count Kindel furnishings among them.

Learn more about our Kindel collection by contacting us online or coming by our Roanoke or Forest showrooms today!