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Stickely Gallery and Product Updates Inspires


Stickley is working with retailers to help them showcase its various products and styles.

In a recent article by Furniture Today, the top-end manufacturer said it will focus on displaying styles ranging from mid-century to traditional in the same space. In addition to furniture, Stickley also wants to display rugs, accents and wall art.

“This is a large presentation of tried-and-true goods mixed with new products,” CEO Aminy Audi told the publication. “We’re doing things like showing Mission products that have remained successful for years in new finishes for appeal to a different customer.”

Stickley is also making modern updates to tried-and-true pieces. One of the new beds, for example, has storage drawers on both sides. Previous Stickley beds have included some storage, but “there’s a dresser’s worth of storage on this bed,” Audi said, which acknowledges and accommodates the many Stickley customers living in smaller spaces.

By displaying these various products together, retailers such as Reid’s are able to show how these different styles can be combined to create a unique look in any room. It’s also an opportunity to show how new items can pair with existing pieces customers may have.

Reid’s is proud to offer Stickley’s high-end products and excited to showcase its various styles. To see which Stickley products Reid’s is currently showcasing, visit our showroom in Roanoke or go to our Forest location.