2018 color of the year being ultra violet a dark purple

Incorporating the 2018 Color of the Year Into Your Décor


Pantone recently announced that the 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra Violet.

This deep shade of purple can make a bold statement in any room, but many people fear it can be overpowering if used incorrectly. Our interior designer Lia Serapiglia has some suggestions to help you incorporate this color into your décor without overdoing it.

“Throw pillows, floral arrangements, and artwork are all ways to incorporate the 2018 Color of the Year without having to do a complete overhaul of your room,” said Lia. “Purple is a bold and regal color, so try pairing it with gold accents for a rich look.”

Other ways to integrate the Color of the Year into your interior décor include putting Ultra Violet candles or light fixtures on your end tables.

If you’re feeling bold and really want to make a statement, go big with your decoration choices. Paint an accent wall this shade of purple or add a deep purple rug to your room. These updates are great choices for a child’s bedroom or cozy den.

As Lia shares, going all out with new furniture is the ultimate way to embrace this color choice.

“For those who would like to be a bit more daring, a purple velvet tufted loveseat or sofa would be a dramatic statement piece,” said Lia. “Pair it with solid chairs in a neutral color to really make the purple pop.

“Hanging long drapes in this color is another great way to incorporate this color into your home.”